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There are Many Ways YOU Can Help FRO

Take Action

NEW Program: Campus Intern Initiative (CII) for Students

FRO recognizes that while university students may have the desire to raise awareness about important causes, their academics, part-time work, and on-campus activities can make it difficult for students to intern intensively in a professional setting. The CII was created in March 2013 to give students the opportunity to work with an African NGO in a meaningful, but not time-consuming manner. Learn More>>



Bicycles are needed so FRO can distribute them within the communities. Help us by managing a project in your area to send donated repaired bicycles to FRO.

Bicycles help those in the disadvantage communities move around their villages.

Bicycles are used to transport people to and from the hospital, sometimes they are used to transport dead bodies from hospitals to the villages to allow for descent burials. Also people use their bicycles to carry their merchandise to and from the markets and for fetching water, etc. It is used as emergency means of transport.

In March 2012 Bikes4Life visited FRO and gave out bicycles and gave lessons how to repair them.



on air

Help FRO Build a CommUNITY Radio Station:

Radio Matters. The FRO proposed community radio station will be managed by FRO and is to be based in Pader town serving more than 4 million people in 15 northern regions torn by over 21 years of war.



Footballs Campaign 2012:

FRO recently received a generous donation from World of Children of 100 footballs (soccer balls).We need to raise a total of $695. As of May 2012 we have raised $220 of the needed amount. Please help us by donating funds here>>