Greg Ferraro

Fall 2013 Campus Intern | College Park, MD | University of Maryland

 Greg (second from right) with members of the University of Maryland surf club

Greg (second from right) with members of the UM Surf Club.

I decided to do a fundraiser at Panda Express, a vendor in the main student building’s food court. The promotion was very simple. Anyone who presented one of the flyers I gave them to the Panda Express register would have 20% of their meal cost donated to FRO. Thankfully I had the enthusiastic support of the University of Maryland’s surf club. Together, we handed out 206 flyers! Some people were even interested in learning more about the situation in Uganda, and I was able to talk in depth about Uganda’s former child soldiers and abductees.

The event was a huge success, far surpassing my expectations. It was also a great opportunity for my surf club’s members to come together, doing something positive for the international community. We all had a blast! Hopefully our advocacy inspired the people we were talking with as well, making them more conscientious of the conflict in northern Uganda and FRO’s work.

Why was the Campus Intern Initiative (CII) created?

FRO recognizes that while university students may have the desire to raise awareness about important causes, their academics, part-time work, and on-campus activities can make it difficult for students to intern intensively in a professional setting.  The CII was created in March 2013 to give students the opportunity to work with an African NGO in a meaningful, but not time-consuming manner. Learn More>>