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Health Focus: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Published on Nov 23, 2014 by NTV Uganda
Experts at the World Health Organisation say more than 200 million people globally suffer from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder annually. The condition makes many of its sufferers experience flash backs and nightmares, while others become aggressive and withdraw from society. In this week’s Health Focus, Florence Naluyimba brings us a story of an 18-year-old man in Pader district who’s slowly recovering from the condition.

Pader NGO Gives Former Abductees a Chance at a Normal Life

Published on Jan 25, 2015 by NTV Uganda
A non- governmental organisation in In Pader district, Friends of Opharns is offering a ray of hope to war victims of the LRA insurgency. The NGO is offering training to youth who were previously abducted by the LRA.

Healing the Wounds of War Video:

Healing the Wounds of War was produced by Free The Slaves for FRO as part of the prize for winning the 2008 Harriet Tubman Freedom Award. Learn more>>
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The War on Hope: PTSD and Trauma in Ugandan Children Fighters

Nick Boyd and Justeen Jacobi, two of FRO’s Campus Interns organized a panel event called “The War on Hope: PTSD and Trauma in Ugandan Children Fighters”. The panel featured prominent scholars and activists from the San Diego area, attracting dozens of attendees.

Anywar Ricky Richard on CNN:

Response to Kony 2012.

 Watch Peace One Day Video:

Coaches Acrros Continents visits FRO.

Learn more about Games and Sports for Peace>>

2008 Humanitarian Award Video:

Anywar Ricky Richard received a 2008 World of Children Humanitarian Award.

World of Children – 2008 Honoree – Anywar Ricky Richard from World of Children on Vimeo.