Fall 2013 Campus Intern | Minneapolis, MN | University of Minnesota

I held both my fundraising and advocacy events at the same time on the University of Minnesota campus. For the fundraising event, I planned to sell personally made samosas to students and faculty. I set up my table in the Coffman Memorial Union, an area where students come to socialize. I knew the aroma of the samosas would attract people to my table, and in fact, many people were rushing to my table! I had two laptops on my table, one playing an FRO video that explained what the organization was doing for former child soldiers and abductees. The other laptop displayed the FRO website. I showed people how to visit our website and educated them about the CII. Quite a few of them were interested in taking part! I was also able to talk about the conflict that occurred in northern Uganda and the issues many child soldiers and abductees have endured. In addition to discussing FRO’s activities, I sold over a hundred samosas as well.

All in all, it was an amazing event. It was a great experience for me personally because I felt like I was taking part in something great, being able to play my part in improving the lives of fellow human beings. I wish to continue being part of an amazing organization such as FRO for a long time.