Fall 2013 Campus Intern | Salt Lake City, UT | University of Utah

I decided to conduct my first fundraising initiative for FRO by doing a yard and bake sale. After the initial planning was completed I began the preparation for promoting the event. I started by contacting several print shops to prepare the fliers that were to be posted around the immediate Salt Lake area as well as online. The fliers that were prepared explained the challenges taking place in Uganda, how FRO helps the cause and pertinent information regarding the fundraiser. The fliers were donated by a local company, AlphaGraphics. I began by posting the fliers on the University of Utah campus, at local coffee shops,, Facebook, and Twitter.

Donated doughnuts were a huge hit with the children

I had sent initial fliers to family and friends requesting items that could be donated to be sold at the yard sale. A local donut shop even donated several dozen donuts to be sold and also draw extra attention to the event. I spent several weeks gathering the supplies needed so that we could have a successful yard sale.

Andrew’s eye-catching posters advertising the event

The night before the fundraiser I made posters with the address and FRO info on them. I then drove around town posting them on signs and fences. We started setting up for the yard sale early Saturday morning but had some unanticipated rain which causes for a slower morning. After the rain had cleared there was a steady rush of customers. As each one approached I would stop and talk to them about the internship and the amazing work the FRO does. I focused mainly on FRO’s educational and technical training programs and how these helped the individuals integrate back into their communities after experiencing the war. Also, I explained why FRO’s work was important to me; I brought up my degree and future career aspirations working with the United Nations Refugee Assistance program. I felt that discussing what was taking place in Uganda and other Central African countries opened the eyes of several people who didn’t necessarily know this was still affecting so many people.

The overall fundraiser was very successful; we were able to raise a good amount of money and promote a worthy cause that so many people were unaware of. I found this fundraising and outreach experience to be very rewarding, as it allowed me to explain my passion for human rights and also feel like I was making a difference in the orphans and abductees’ lives. I am preparing for my second fundraiser and look forward to the continued education of FRO’s work that I can pass on, as well as learn from those that I meet.