Friends of Orphans (FRO)

Pader, Northern Uganda

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Please Support the Children

Donate now through Causes on Facebook. We're growing rapidly, and hope to have our 501(c)3 soon, in the meantime you can give through our U.S. fiscal sponsor If you prefer you can also wire the money via a direct bank transfer.
Email us if you prefer this option:

Thanks for your support! We recognize the contributions and the generosity offered by all its supporters around the world.

"When I look back a the history of FRO, I am moved by the way many people who have unconditionally supported us. We get more and more support every day. Our community is grateful but we still must continue to raise funds." -Ricky Anywar Richard | Executive Director and Founder




Our Fiscal Sponsor:

XSLAVES.ORG - Learn more about FRO's fiscal sponsor here>> Bakery
In 2008, raised money to support a baking and catering program.