Elmhurst, NY | Borough of Manhattan Community College

In Edison’s Words: My first FRO fundraiser took place in front of my home, in the form of a Garage sale. I announced my garage sale fundraiser through backlink and craigslist along with a few neighborhood posters, although most of the people who purchased things were strolling in the neighborhood. Displaying the videos for people was a good start for educating people on what FRO does. The majority of the people were not interested in learning more since they were convinced that I was trying to sell them some scheme or something along those lines, but I did get a few people who were curious to learn more.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the slow day for the garage sale. However, it definitely won’t be my last fundraiser, as I have plenty of new ideas for fundraising and advocacy efforts. It felt great making an effort to help a non-profit which was doing good for those in need. I look forward to continuing my efforts with FRO as an intern.

A woman stops to watch a video about FRO’s work