Matt Harvey and Bryant Plank

Matt Harvey & Bryant Plank | Whitewater, WI | University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

For our first initiative, we partnered with Qdoba to raise money and awareness about Uganda’s former child soldiers and abductees. If a supporter brought in an FRO flyer, Qdoba generously agreed to provide 10% of their purchase to FRO.

We began by creating brochures that had in-depth information about the conflict. To be more specific, we included information that discussed the Lord’s Resistance Army as well as the challenges being faced by child soldiers, orphans, abductees, and mothers. We then began canvassing our campus for several weeks. We handed the brochures out and held engaging conversations with students and community members. This was a very rewarding experience, considering many of the students had several questions about the conflict and the role FRO plays in helping better northern Uganda’s condition. After hearing how much of an impact FRO is making, the students were eager to join our cause.

With the help of Empowering Students for Peace and Whitewater community members, the day of the event proved to be fun and successful. Over 70 community members and students came out Qdoba to show their support for FRO. Several questions were asked and answered during this time about how they could further help improve the lives of those affected by violence in Uganda!

So far, our journey to FRO has been very rewarding. Working with FRO has allowed us to better connect with our local and global community. It brings us much joy to know that we have been able to help those in need!

Matt, second from right, sits with friends during the Qdoba event.