Fall 2013 Campus Intern | Tampa, FL | University of Tampa

My discovery and journey thus far with Friends of Orphans have truly been an excellent experience. Before my work with the organization, I really didn’t how or what I could do during my University career to make a difference in the world. Through working with Friends of Orphans, I was able to coordinate a fundraising event, and set up advocacy projects to raise awareness. Although initially, the task seemed daunting, I quickly became aware of how easy and fun it was to stimulate people’s interest and awareness. For the various advocacy projects I did on my campus, I set up a booth with an informational board and flyers promoting my fundraising event. By setting up a booth, I was able to interact with people and talk to them about child soldiers in Africa and the incredible difference Friends of Orphans is making in Uganda. My fundraising event was held at a restaurant/pub across the street from my campus and was thoroughly enjoyable. After talking to the manager of the restaurant, we reached an agreement that allowed me to receive 10% of the business he received from 6:00 until 2:00. By working with the restaurant and from donations, I was able to raise money while raising awareness and enjoying time with new and old friends. The restaurant was very satisfied with the event and is looking forward to another one soon. The experience was incredible and sparked a desire for me to continue working toward a greater good through events such as mine with the restaurant. The beginning of my adventure with Friends of Orphans has been truly rewarding. I look forward to continuing my efforts with Friends of Orphans and taking advantage of the many opportunities offered on a University campus to assist in fundraising and awareness projects.