Peace Building & Human Rights
Human rights, peacebuilding and conflict management and resolution program

The voices of women and children in conflict management and resolution are largely ignored, yet women and children bear the burden in times of conflict.

We have created a forum for women and children to express their views on peace building, conflict management, and human rights. We use games and sports, music and cultural activities to mobilize and encourage communities to engage in peacebuilding, human rights, and reconciliation activities.

We also use Christian values as a reference for moral counseling and mentorship amongst the disadvantaged communities in Pader district.

FRO holds games and sports competitions, which draws teams from many different IDP camps – this encourages interaction and engenders a sense of community. FRO trains human rights’ trainers – who are able to instruct, educate and also monitor human rights’ violation – and community groups. FRO helps different community groups in Music, dances, drama and cultural activities and hold competitions to bring different communities together.

“When I hear music, I fear no danger, I am invulnerable. I see no foe; I am related to the earliest times and to the latest.” Henry David Thoreau”