Detroit, MI | Wayne State University

In Renee’s Words: While shopping at a local store called Five Below, I noticed that they did a type of charity match. I inquired with a manager who explained to me that all I had to do was pass out Five Below flyers indicating that 10% of proceeds went to FRO. I emailed friends and family a week prior to my scheduled fundraiser to let them know about the event, what FRO is working on, and what has/is happening in Uganda. I printed out 300 copies of Five Below flyers and FRO information sheets in preparation for canvassing.

I had no problem with talking to people about FRO’s work and the conflict in northern Uganda. The store was in a complex so I was able to canvass not only in the parking lot but in front of other stores as well. Most people were kind and took a few minutes to listen. Overall, this was a great experience. I gained experience in planning, fundraising, communication, and canvassing. Even if people did not make a purchase at Five Below, they had the FRO information sheet to help raise awareness about FRO and what’s happening in northern Uganda.

Renee (left) with a Five Below staff member.