Games and Sports for Peace Development Program

Friends of Orphans (FRO) goal is to use games and sports is to relieve human suffering.
Objectives and Purposes of the Games and Sports for Peace Development Program:

  • Use games and sports as a vehicle for community development
  • Use games and sports activities to strengthen psychosocial well-being and improve the social integration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans and youth Pader IDP camps, Northern Uganda.
  • To help social reintegration of the war-affected children and youth into the community through forging an understanding between orphans, former child soldiers, and the community.
  • To foster friendship and build a spirit of teamwork among orphans, former child soldiers and other children in the community.
  • For health purposes; physical and mental health.
  • Develop, encourage and promote games and sports in Northern Uganda.
  • Provide and coordinate technical information on all matters concerning games and sports.
  • Break the circle of violence in the community especially among the children.

Sports For All

The program is targeted at young men, women and the communities in the war affected areas of Northern Uganda. FRO uses games and sports as a critical tool in fostering peace and reconciliation among the war affected communities. Games and sports is one such intervention which has the capability of not only developing psychosocial well-being and talents of young children and youth but can foster peace and reconciliation, reintegration and shared values in society. FRO supports many different games and sports teams in northern Uganda by providing training and equipment. FRO also hosts the games and sports competitions, which draws teams from many different communities – this encourages interaction and engenders a sense of community.

This was the first fundraiser that I’ve ever planned, and I thought it was successful. I definitely learned how to organize a fundraiser, and now I know what to do differently next time.

“Friends of Orphans games and sports for peace is not about medals, not about world champions and not about prize money: It’s sports for a better world.”- Anywar Ricky Richard | FRO Founder/ED

During the training of different groups, peacebuilding themes are always discussed to encourage the team to engage in peacebuilding. This leads to reconciliations of the different communities at war. Some of the team members are former child soldiers, abductees and orphans who grew up in violent situations and engaging them in peacebuilding activities help in furthering their rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

FRO takes note of the United Nations special resolution in appreciation of the work of sport for all, which led to the declaration of 2005 as an “International year of sports for development of peace.” With thousands of children and youth who have either been affected directly or indirectly by the insurgency. There is the great need to devise models and interventions which seek to enhance their normal development.

There are thousands of people who need psychosocial support while many have lost their beloved ones. Majority of children who were former abductees are seen as murderers by the community. There is need to reconcile the community with these children and games and sports is a wonderful instrument in the reconciliation of the former child soldiers and the community.

Peace Builder Educators

FRO also trains Peace Builder Educators – who are able to instruct, educate and also monitor human rights’ violation within different community groups.

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