Fall 2013 Campus Intern | Metropolitan State University of Denver

My fundraiser took place at Yogo Mojo, a frozen yogurt store in my neighborhood. During a 3 hour period, 15% of all proceeds were donated to FRO. I also put out information sheets so that when people were sitting down and eating they could read about FRO and the work being done for former child soldiers and abductees. The first couple of customers were people I didn’t know, so it was good that I got to talk to them about FRO. They seemed to really understand why FRO is doing the work it is and were interested to learn more. I talked to one person for almost 30 minutes about FRO, and he asked really great questions about what it was, what was going on in Uganda, and how he could get more involved. I didn’t have anybody that was rude or who didn’t want to know about FRO, so I’m really thankful for that.

This was the first fundraiser that I’ve ever planned, and I thought it was successful. I definitely learned how to organize a fundraiser, and now I know what to do differently next time.

Taylor decorated tables to advertise the fundraiser.